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Choosing Between Cherry and Walnut Hardwood Flooring

Maple Hardwood FlooringThe decision to put in a new floor can stem from a number of reasons whether it is to replace an aging surface, to increase property value, or for aesthetic appeal. Hardwood flooring can do all of these things, which makes it an attractive option to many property owners. Just narrowing down the decision to put in hardwood can be a extensive process but there is still work to be done.

There are a number of options for discount hardwood flooring in Denver, and in this article we will examine the differences between Cherry and Walnut flooring.

Both types of wood are popular yet less common among floors in the United States. This can be attributed to the fact that Walnut makes up only 2% available hardwood in the U.S. while Cherry makes up just under 4%. The most price efficient way to buy either type of wood is to go through a wholesale hardwood flooring company. A huge selection of hardwood species can be found at a wholesale floor company such as ProSource Denver.

What makes Cherry hardwood flooring in Denver so appealing is its unique characteristic of darkening over time and through light exposure. Cherry has a rich reddish coloring to it that can range to a reddish brown for people looking for a darker wood. Cherry has a fairly straight grain that ranges to wavy and has a smooth satiny texture. The overall effect of Cherry hardwood is a warm inviting feel.

Walnut flooring lacks the reddish tint of Cherry, but creates a more decorative feel. The color of Walnut hardwood flooring in Denver ranges from light brown to dark chocolate brown and occasionally has darker streaks or a purplish tone. The grain on Walnut is generally straight but ranges to wavy/curly which gives it that attractive look.

Choosing hardwood flooring in Denver comes down to personal taste. It is important to consider pricing, feel, and durability when choosing a hardwood species. Fortunately hardwood can last up to 100 years and instantly add property value to any home.

It is important to remember to maintain hardwood properly in order to get the best experience. Keeping the floors clean of dust and sand will prevent scratching. A good finish will not only help resist scratches but will also prevent liquid from being absorbed, though any spills should be addressed immediately to prevent staining and warping. Scratches and shallow dents can be fixed relatively easily with a sanding and refinishing which should be done for maintenance every so often.

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